Work in progress

[UNDER REVIEW] “The Determinants of Assistance to Refugees? Ukrainian and Syrian Refugees in Poland”
With V. Charnysh, L. Peisakhin and P. van der Windt
Egap Registry

[UNDER REVIEW] “Where to flee? Exploring household-level destination choices during displacement in the Kasai, DRC”
With P. van der Windt and S. Weber
Egap Registry

“Electric Cooking and Sustainable Development: Experimental Evidence from Eastern DR Congo”
With S. Desbureaux, L. Collart, M. Verpoorten, R. Soubeyran, M. Couttenier, N. Shinagawa, J.K. Mulwahili and C. Musharhamina 
AEA RCT Registry

“Powering development, stabilisation and conservation? The impact of electricity roll-out in Eastern Congo”
With E. Lunanga, E. Maombi, and M. Verpoorten.
Egap Registry

“Whom to host? A meta-analysis of previous work and new evidence from the Congo”
With S. Weber, P. van der Windt and H. Zhai
Egap Registry

“Jobs and Violence: Evidence from a Policy Experiment in DR Congo”
With M. Verpoorten
Policy Brief

“Displacement and Disenfranchisement: Conjoint Evidence from the DRC.” 
With A.J. Harris and P. van der Windt.

“Who connects to the grid? Exploring electricity demand in North-Kivu, Eastern DRC.”
With E. Lunanga, S. Desbureaux and M. Verpoorten

“You go, I stay: Intrahousehold evacuation behavior and its determinants”
With E. Lunanga, E. M. Ndatabaye and M. Verpoorten

“Evacuation behavior in the absence of disaster preparedness”
With E. Lunanga, E. M. Ndatabaye and M. Verpoorten