Peer-reviewed publications

“Voodoo, vaccines and bed nets” Forthcoming. Economic Development and Cultural Change.
(with Marijke Verpoorten and Koen Deconinck) link PDF policy brief 

“More legislation, more violence? The impact of Dodd-Frank in the DRC” 2018. PLoS ONE.
(with Marijke Verpoorten and Peter van der Windt) link replication 
media coverage:
Washington Post; PERC

“Defusing the social minefield of gold sites in Kamituga, South Kivu. From legal pluralism to the re-making of institutions?” 2017. Resources Policy.
(with Kilosho Buraye and Marijke Verpoorten) link PDF policy brief

“To fish or not to fish? Resource degradation and income diversification in Benin” 2016. Environment and Development Economics.
(with Romain Houssa and Marijke Verpoorten) link PDF

“Self-reported food insecurity in Africa during the food price crisis” 2013. Food Policy.
(with Marijke Verpoorten, Arora Abimanju and Johan Swinnen) link

Working papers, policy briefs & blog posts

“Trump threatened to suspend the ‘conflict minerals’ provision of Dodd-Frank. That might actually be good for Congo” 2018. The Monkey Cage – Washington Post
(with Marijke Verpoorten and Peter van der Windt) link

“Voodoo, vaccines and bed nets. Magicoreligious beliefs affect health behavior in Benin” 2018. IOB Policy Brief 29.
(with Marijke Verpoorten) link

“Relocation, reorientation, or confrontation? Insights from a representative study among artisanal miners in Kamituga, South-Kivu” 2016. IOB Working Paper 9.
(with Marijke Verpoorten and Kilosho Buraye) PDF

“Rélocation, réorientation, ou confrontation? Aperçus à partir d’un sondage représentatif des mineurs artisanaux à Kamituga, Sud-Kivu” 2016. IOB Working Paper 10. 
(with Marijke Verpoorten and Kilosho Buraye) PDF

“The social minefield of gold digging in South-Kivu, DRC: the case of Kamituga” 2015. IOB Policy Brief 10.
(with Kilosho Buraye and Marijke Verpoorten) PDF

“The social minefield of gold digging in Kamituga, South-Kivu” 2015. Amani Itakuya II Essay Series, essay 14. 
(with Kilosho Buraye and Marijke Verpoorten) link

Selected work in progress

“Would you rebel? An inquiry among high-risk youth in eastern DRC”
(with Marijke Verpoorten)

“Artisanal or Industrial Conflict Minerals? Evidence from eastern DRC”
(with Marijke Verpoorten and Peter van der Windt)

“Risk, envy and magic in DRC’s artisanal mining sector: insights into the ‘Modernity of Witchcraft’”
(with Marijke Verpoorten)

“Exploring psychological well-being and poverty dynamics in South-Africa: evidence from NIDS waves 1-5”
(with Murray Leibbrandt and Rocco Zizzamia)

“Field experiments on Common Pool Resource Management in Benin” 
(with Elena Briones Alonso, Romain Houssa and Marijke Verpoorten)